What's The Process To Getting Animated Content Made? Well, For Starters, It's A Collaborative Effort.


Our process is a very collaborative one, and we aim to involve our clients throughout the entirety of pre-production and production. We are very transparent about costs, scheduling, and defining the overall scope, and we review the project with the client at each major stage of the pipeline. CI Studios develops our content from the ground up, beginning with a script or story synopsis, before moving on to storyboard development, character designs, and visual layout. We constantly reach out to the client for feedback on what will most effectively complement their brand and vision, and work hard to make sure we are meeting goals and delivering content in a timely and efficient fashion.

We make it as easy as a 4-step process;

  1. Script

Here's our starting point. We'll plot out what happens in your video point by point, highlighting specific offers, information, and other items of interest. Together we'll map out how best to effectively draw attention to your business, and close with a strong call to action.

2. Storyboards

So what happens? Here's where we sketch out the overall timing and pacing of your video shot by shot, and make sure that everything is being communicated effectively. If something's confusing or getting lost in translation, here's our opportunity to refine it in a constructive way.

3. Art Style

What does the process look like? Good question! There's lots of different styles that can work in animation, and there aren't necessarily any wrong approaches (though probably some that work better than others). We'll work with you on creating the kind of visuals that speak to you, as well as best complement the needs of your business. From here, we'll create proofs of concept of all major assets, characters, and environments in the video, and create an updated set of storyboards using the final designs.

4. Animating

Here's where the magic happens! At this point, we've put together a comprehensive blueprint for your video, and all that's left is to connect the dots. We'll hit the ground running with some smaller animation tests to make sure we're all on the same page, and then apply that approach to every shot needed for your video. We'll touch base with you throughout this process so that there are no surprises, and end with a strong product that is unique to your brand and vision!